Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update on offers to Anchor Bank Update: And other mentions in the news

Reported last night by Walworth County Today...
"the investors first offered $8.4 million for Lake Lawn Resort, then upped it to $9.3 million"
So there sits the banks or as I like to call them "The Little Four" waiting for more money.  Well there it was.  Wonder if anyone can figure out who all the banks are... 

There is an update scheduled  for later today (after 4pm) by the Gazette's Ann Marie Ames.

This is also starting to get attention at a more regional level.  The Business Journal in Milwaukee quoted Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis saying
“There’s a lot of support out there for this to happen because we’re running out of time,” 
So the clock is ticking.  The question is do "The Little Four" feel any of this pressure? The chances are low since they may not even be located in or do any other lending with business in our area.

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